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One of the biggest problems that the Software solves right away. It is a problem of doctors and support staff having to fill out paper forms with patient demographic information again and again. During the patient visit. With the System, this time-consuming and repetitive task is now a thing of the past. Doctors and nurses have achieved a 30-40% increase in direct patient treatment time due to not having to fill out paper forms.

DR. GEORGE LEVY MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon

I started working with this hospital software many years ago. It is a practical and useful tool for health managers. It brings significant time savings for managers and allows quick rectification of schedules. In correlation with the HR department and its payroll software. It makes it possible to transpose all the data while avoiding calculation and retranscription errors. At present, this tool fully meets our needs, and a technical team is in place to respond effectively to our requests.

DR. SANDRA SMITH MD, FACS, PC Orthopedic Surgeon

For our 98-bed nursing home, we previously used a spreadsheet to manage the work that was no longer suitable. So we looked for Hospital Management software to meet our operating needs. When they presented its software to us. We were pleasantly surprised by its user-friendliness, which reminded us of our current system. We quickly understood that it could bring us much more. This Software is well constructed and is also provided by professional help. Thank you.

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