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It is the complete solution you need to more efficiently manage your hospital, clinic or medical center. Our hospital software has all the functionalities for the essential automation of organizational flows.

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Doctor Control Panel
The Doctor Portal

With the online doctor portal, your specialists will be able to collect patient information and prescribe digital prescriptions in a simple and secure way.

  • Manage schedule and appointments comfortably from anywhere and any device
  • Serve patients remotely through video call
  • View patient treatment, prescription history and much more
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The Patient Portal

With patient portal you can offer your patients exclusive access to view the treatment information through their smartphone or computer whenever they want.

  • Patients can book an appointment with their specialists through portal
  • View treatment history and prescriptions
  • Patients can make payments online through portal
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Patient Portal
Hospital Website
Your professional website with online appoitment for your patients

The process from creating your website to publication will take no more than few minutes. The system is so simple that you don't need technical knowledge.

  • Choose from multiple designs and update it whenever you want
  • Customizable and adapted to any device
  • Ability to book a appointment with you directly from your website
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Online Consultation: the medical video consultation tool

Attend to your patients at any time and from anywhere with the telemedicine platform. Thanks to the built-in Zoom, you can offer the video consultation safely and conveniently.

  • A simple and safe tool for doctors and patients
  • Offer online consultations from any device connected to the Internet
  • Patients can book video consultations online directly through patient portal
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medical video consultation
Helping you to boost your business productivity
How does our hospital software help you?
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Improve the patient experience

Make your patients loyal with personalized communications, online appointment, video consultations and view clinical information.

Automate tasks to optimize time

Reduces workload and man-hours cost, customizable and friendly medical records, automatic business reports and graphs.

Increase revenue and boost productivity

Optimize the management of your hospital, reduce costs, increase revenue and improve decision making.

OPD Management Software
Out Patient (OPD) Management

OPD Module is an complete out patient management solution with which you can manage all aspects, from patient registration, to storing medical records. For years we have developed and perfected this module to help you run your hospital or clinic with the least effort.

  • Manage patient visits and revists
  • Add diagnosis and create prescriptions
  • Manage bills, treatment charges and payments
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InPatient (IPD) Management

IPD module is designed to manage the Inpatient department needs. You can manage the patient admission, bed allocation to discharge, all in one module.

  • Add new patient admission with all the important details from symptoms, blood pressure to pulse and respiration.
  • Add doctor instructions, diagnosis and prescriptions
  • Add treatment charges, manage bill and payments.
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IPD Management
Operation Theatre Management Software
Operation Theatre Management

Operation Theatre Module is an complete Operation Theatre management solution with which you can manage all aspects, from add patient, to operation charges.

  • Search and manage the patients
  • Add new entries with all the important details, from patient symptoms, operate date, consultant doctor name, OT technicians etc
  • Add TPA and treatment charges with category and codes
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Everything you need for Pharmacy Management

The complete pharmacy store can be managed by inbuilt pharmacy module. You can add medicines, import medicines, purchase medicines and much more all in one module

  • Complete stock and purchase management
  • Generate bill with medicine category, name, batch number and doctor name.
  • Complete record of sold medicines
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Pharmacy Management Software
Laboratory Management System
Laboratory Management

The inbuilt Pathology module is used to record and manage the pathology tests. You can add test with test type, category, method and much more all in one module

  • Manage patient tests with reporting date and charges
  • Generate test reports with test parameters, descriptions and referral doctor name
  • Patient can also view the reports through patient portal
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Radiology Management

Radiology Module is an complete Radiology department management solution with which you can manage all aspects, from add new test, category, to parameters and much more all in one module

  • Manage patient tests with reporting date, referral doctor and charges
  • Generate test reports with test parameters, descriptions and referral doctor name
  • Patient can also view the reports through patient portal
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Radiology Management Software
Still Not Convinced?

Here Are Some More Reasons Why You Should Consider Our HMIS For Your Hospital

Your digital calendar available 24 hours a day

Improve the patient experience and management of your hospital or clinic thanks to the multi-channel online booking of appointment. Patients can book an appointment with their specialists through hospital's website or patient portal anywhere any time. Our tool sends the automatic appointment confirmation email & sms to patients who have booked an appointment.

Monitor your results and increase your income

Control the performance of your hospital with a complete control panel with business intelligence reports such as the channel of origin of your appointments, the evolution of income, expense report, the staff attendance report, staff payroll report and much more . You can export all this information in just a few clicks!

Hospital Front Office Management Software
Front Office Management

Front Office Module is an complete front office management solution with which you can manage all aspects, from add appointment, to visitor history and much more all in one module

  • Add and Manage patient appointments with date and other important details
  • Add visitors with purpose of visit, in and out time and option to attach documents
  • Manage phone call log, postal record and complaints
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HR & Payroll Management

The complete HR & Payroll solution for hospitals and clinics. HR & Payroll Management Module meets all your payroll needs and does not need extra software.

  • Add and Manage staff with ID, role, designation, department and all important details
  • Generate payroll with earning, deduction and summary
  • Manage your staff attendance smartly
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hospital hr management software
Online Payment
Online Payments

HMIS provides you with a perfect way to collect online payments from patient. Integrated with 10 payment platforms allows you to accept payment online.

  • Easy to activate the available payment platform
  • Available Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe, PayU, Paytm, Instamojo, Razorpay, Paystack, Pesapal, Midtrans and iPay Africa
  • Patient can pay the bills in a few click through patient portal
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Inventory Management

Inventory Module is an complete inventory management solution with which you can manage all aspects, from add items, to issue item history and much more all in one module

  • Add and Manage item with category, supplier, store, quantity and all important details
  • Issue item to staff members with all important details
  • Generate inventory stock reports, item report and issue report
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Hospital Inventory Management System

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Admin Portal
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Radiologist Portal
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Hospital Website
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Operation Theatre Management
Blood Bank Management
Ambulance Management
TPA Management
Birth & Death Record
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