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    Hospital Management System is full of powerful features. It is designed to effectively manage patients, medical staff, departments, billing, and inventory. Hospital Management Software is best suitable for any hospital, dental, skin care, aesthetic or any clinic.

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    It is easy to work on Software. It is a mobile friendly system. You can access it from any device. Nothing to install, nothing to upgrade.

  • Easy to Access

    Access patient records anywhere anytime. An Patient Records, Prescriptions, Appointments, Bill, is available to doctors at all times. Whether in the hospital/clinic or not, doctors can view patient records remotely.

  • Professional Apperance

    Impress your patients by giving them a ability to access their health record on a smartphone. Patients can Book appointments with one click. It is a fully digitised EMR, EHR, CPR Software.

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Why Hospital Management System?

The Complete Hospital Management Software Specially designed for hospital, clinic & specialists

Free Mobile-Friendly Hospital/Clinic Website

Our Software also comes with a free mobile-friendly Responsive hospital/clinic website.

Today, the question should no longer arise: should my hospital/clinic have a website? The answer is YES, it is now a necessity.

In recent years, doctors have become increasingly aware of the importance and especially in the interest of the Web for their business. Indeed, with the rise of making appointment/consultation online. People are more and more looking for a practitioner on the web. Depending on the conditions they treat, their geographical areas, etc.

If any of your colleagues are already on the web, this is not your case, so you are missing out on many potential patients.

Hospital Website Includes:

  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Easy to use Website Editor
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Add Unlimited Images
  • Multiple Design
  • News
  • Events
  • Contact Form
  • Map
  • Gallery
  • Banner Slider
  • Media Manager
  • Social Media Button
  • SEO Friendly

Outpatient Department (OPD) Management

A complete OPD management system has been integrated with our system. We assure you of all kinds of automation systems for proper OPD management. Such as an appointment with the patient, scheduling of the doctor, billing, etc.

Hospital Management Software Outpatient Department (OPD) Management Includes:

  • Add New Patient
  • Patient Diagnosis
  • Patient Timeline
  • Patient Revisit
  • Patient Data Management
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • TPA
  • Reports
  • & much more

In Patient Department (IPD) Management

A complete IPD management system has been integrated with our software. We assure you of all kinds of automation systems for proper IPD management. Such as an add new patient, bed allocation, billing, etc.

In-Patient Department (IPD) Management Includes:

  • Add New Patient
  • Patient Diagnosis & Timeline
  • Bed Allocation
  • Add Consultant Instructions
  • Patient Data Management
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Discharges
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • TPA
  • Reports & much more

The Smart Accounting Solution

Our Inbuilt Accounting Solution is a professional accounting management system. Designed to carry out the most complex accounting operations with simplicity.

Hospital Management Software allows you to enter transactions quickly. These tasks can be performed by accountants. Make your income and expenses entries with ease. and keep your accounts up to date with a few clicks.

Our System has inbuilt payment gateways to collect the payments online.

HR & Payroll Management

HR & Payroll Management Module is a complete HRIS. For Payroll and Human Resources management, suitable for hospitals and clinics.

It covers all aspects of HRM. Including staff management, payroll, absences, departments, and much more. More than a simple deduction calculator. It Automates all complex payroll parameters. No need to create more Excel files.

HR & Payroll Management Module meets all your payroll needs. and does not need extra software.

You can work with any time and attendance management system. Our Payroll management software provides more choice. flexibility, and control for your organization.

HR & Payroll Management Includes:

  • Staff Directories & Login Profiles
  • Staff Payroll
  • Staff Leave Control Management
  • Leave Applications & Approvals
  • Staff Designation
  • Department
  • Staff New Entries
  • Salary Slip
  • Employees Deductions
  • Employees Attendance

Detailed Reports

With the Reports Management Module. You can take advantage of a complete reporting solution. Automated multi-source data collection, data analysis, information modeling. Base your decision-making on the basis of feedback reliable and in real-time!

Today, it is no longer necessary to use complex and expensive tools. To produce quality reporting. We take advantage of our cross-functional experience in accounting. financial, commercial, and HR management issues. To help you structure, automate. and make the production of your decision-making statements reliable.

Reports Management Includes:

  • Transaction Report
  • Appointment Report
  • OPD Report
  • IPD Report
  • Discharged Patient Report
  • Pharmacy Bill Report
  • Expiry Medicine Report
  • Pathology Patient Report
  • Radiology Patient Report
  • OT Report
  • Inventory Stock Report
  • Inventory Item Report
  • Inventory Issue Report
  • Blood Issue Report
  • Blood Donor Report
  • TPA Report
  • Income Report
  • Income Group Report
  • Expense Report
  • Expense Group Report
  • Ambulance Call Report
  • Birth Report
  • Death Report
  • Payroll Month Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Staff Attendance Report

What are benefits of a Hospital Management System?

Hospital Management System contains all the required information from the patient. Such as laboratory results, such as tests, information on allergies. Vaccination dates and medications are relevant to patients, etc.

Some of the main benefits in daily life include: -

What is Hospital Management System?

Hospital Management System is a digital system in which all patient data manage automatically. And it allows both patient and doctor to have access to accurate. And up-to-date information. Proper and comprehensive medical information about the patient's health. It further eliminates the possibility of incorrect medication.

Quick access to patient records

Hospital Software has simplified data management for the clinic and patients. And these records manage digitally. You need not involve heavy documents and bulky files. Patient history can be easily accessed with a simple mouse click. Patients also have to worry about their receipts laboratory. Or your proof of recipes, because all that information stores in the system.

Effective diagnosis

It has not only reduced the burden of paperwork but has also made diagnosis more effective. Quick access to accurate data has reduced medical errors. And it has offered more accurate patient care.

Convenience of medical care

It improves the quality of medical care. It also makes healthcare more convenient for providers and patients. The system provides improved support for decision making. And Clinical alerts and reminders, as well as eliminating the need to fill out forms. And visit clinics many times. You can call and arrange your appointment directly. And by sharing your details with the clinic with the help of Hospital Software.

Privacy and security of patient data

The registration of the patient in Hospital Management Software is safer and more systematic. There are several tools that have been developed. Under the health IT System that allows users to keep their health data safe and secure.


Electronic health records (EHR) software almost drops the use of paper in data management. It has saved not only the cost but also the workforce involved in making these records secure. There is also no need to duplicate the evidence. For a patient, these records improve safety and provide access to better health. due to proper medication.

Better decision-making by healthcare providers

Doctors have always praised Electronic health records (EHR) software, as they have reduced their burden. The system gives them automatic reminders for patients' medical tests. And it also shows progress in their condition.

Time saving

In today's life, the most important thing is time. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software are quite helpful. In saving the time involved in treating the patient. It allows doctors to communicate with their patients online. And patients don't need to visit the clinic many times either. And as they can get the prescription directly.

One of the great promises of the binomial between innovation and health is the development of the System. How widespread is this system, and what could be its benefits?

The Software aims to digitize the medical data of patients. With the aim that they have greater autonomy over their health care. And facilitate the work of health professionals. The arrival of the website development and the use of mobile devices. As made it possible for this idea to become a reality.

Faster access to the patient's clinical information. Which can condition the result of the treatments?

Better storage capacity for medical data. Since the information record volume of 500 thousand people estimates. To exceed 1.8 terabytes.

High flexibility in recording the information of each patient. In their electronic medical history.

Good interoperability between various medical areas by being able to share. The data of the people served, which directly affects a benefit on patient care.

The great benefits that Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software could bring have made countries. In this country, the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information. And the Ministry of Health has joined forces to install a system. That also promises to avoid duplication of studies, tests and prescriptions .

Cloud computing is key

The cloud computing is undoubtedly a fundamental pillar. For the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software is a success. Services such as Hospital Software promise to integrate clinical data with information associated. With the health status of patients. Such as their diet, physical activity, or genetic tests.

In the United States, for example, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. Have grown in popularity among healthcare professionals in recent years.

The revolution of new technologies in various aspects of our daily life. And It Already affects the healthcare field. Without a doubt, Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software are a good example. How medical innovation can help improve the quality of our health systems.

Although there are doubts about how to guarantee and protect the privacy of users. It seems clear that electronic medical records will help improve patient care. This great benefit demonstrates, once again, the importance of technology. And medicine walking hand in hand.

Once your medical and health records are stored and accessed. It Modified and updated digitally, using computers or tablets. They are called EHRs ( Electronic Health Records ). or EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software.

Like any other registry, moving patient records from physical. And paper filing systems to computers and their super storage. Capabilities create high efficiencies for patients. And their providers as well as healthcare payment systems.

Hospital System is More than just efficient

But efficiency is not the only benefit. For individual patients, access to proper care becomes easier. And safer when records can be easily shared. Important information, such as blood type, prescription drugs. Medical conditions and other aspects of our medical history. It can explain much more quickly. An existing electronic health record (EHR) system can save time in the doctor's office. At best, quick access to our records can save lives if an emergency occurs. And answers to those questions are needed during the emergency decision-making process.

Even the government thinks that electronic record keeping is important. And has put its money and efforts where its recommendations are. Veterans hospitals across the country share an electronic system that allows veterans' records to share in their health system. If a patient is in a hospital, even when they are away from home. The hospital will have the same access to their records that the local hospital has through a system.

Additionally, the government established an incentive system. And to encourage providers to install Electronic Health Records (EHR) System. And adhere to a list of criteria to improve patient care and access. Those criteria are called Significant Use.

What are the best softwares for a hospital management system?

Our Hospital Software is a best available option.

Tragic events like September 11, Hurricane Katrina. And the California fires have shown the benefits of digital record keeping. People injured or sick from any of those events were treated more easily. And may have found better results than those for whom no medical records were available. Large-scale Hospital Management System replicate your records stored in various parts of the country. So that a tragic event does not destroy them.


Another benefit is security. In the past, the way a doctor obtained your medical history was by asking you. Every time you visited a new doctor's office. You filled out forms about your history, including previous. surgeries or medications you take regularly. If you forgot some of the information. Or didn't write it because it didn't seem important to you. Then your doctor didn't have that piece of your medical puzzle to work.

When doctors share records electronically. And Your new doctor only needs to ask for your name, date of birth. And possibly another piece of identifying information. She can retrieve her records from her electronic storage space. All the information you need to see will be there in its entirety. When the time comes to diagnose yourself, it could be important for her to know. That you are taking a specific type of medication. or even an herbal supplement, any information she has shared with a previous doctor. The diagnosis and treatment decisions could be modified based on that information. Which is much more complete than what could have been written on paper.

Ease of access if your doctor moves or retires

In the past, when a doctor closed their office, retired, moved. Or even died, patient records could be easily lost or relocated. Making it impossible for patients to get the records they needed to bring to a new doctor. And keeping these records electronically, especially in cases where patients can also access them. Means that the patient will not be left without the records they may need.

Save money

Money saves using Hospital information System. And not only the cost of paper and file folders, but also the cost of labor and space. In any business, time equals money. Efficiencies created by simply typing a few keystrokes to retrieve a patient's record. Instead of looking at thousands of file folders, filing and re-archiving them. It saves a doctor or hospital practice many thousands of dollars. That is even considering the cost of the electronic system.

The efficiencies put in place by doctors and insurance companies. To save money ultimately lead to patients saving money, too.

A trained patient knows how to weigh these benefits. Against the limitations of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. And personal health records. Including the number of mistakes that can be made. And the lack of standards and privacy and security concerns.

Before mentioning the benefits of having electronic health or clinical record. Let's talk about some of the problems with physical records.

Patient information is dispersed and without any standardization. And making medical monitoring and data analysis difficult for decision-making.

High costs in paper, space, real estate, infrastructure, and personnel. To make efficient a traditional archive of traditional clinical records.

Doctors do not have documentary references for a timely diagnosis. So sometimes diagnoses or procedures do not adhere to established . medical guidelines affecting the patient's health.

Difficult procedures, with long waiting times and high costs, for a referral. And counter-referral, due to poor communication between institutions.

Duplication of laboratory and imaging studies. due to the lack of availability of results between institutions. (and sometimes even within them).

Unnecessary paperwork to request a study or medical order.

The system used for their identification and ordering sometimes. Differs from one department to another or from one institution to another.

With some of the more severe issues clear. Let's see what the benefits are for doctors, healthcare organizations, and patients.

Benefits for doctors and health organizations

Being in electronic format, the file is uniform, legible, and quick to consult.

The information takes up very little space because it has servers or repositories inside or outside the medical unit.

24/7 availability of medical files without duplication; saving time in the consultation.

The file is updated permanently, quickly. And easily for all interested parties in real-time.

The files are online, guaranteeing access to authorized personnel.

It allows differentiating and hierarchizing its content. To access all or part of the information, according to the needs of medical personnel.

The record facilitates administrative medical work by automating medical processes and reports. And requests for laboratory tests and analyzes, medical prescriptions, reports, statistics, and audits.

The medical team has all the patient information (laboratory analysis, treatments, allergies, diagnoses, etc.). Facilitating decision-making to choose the procedure to follow.

But the greatest advantage of the software is that it gathers all the information related to the patient in an easy to consult and updated format. It provides better communication between all the professionals. And involved in the patient's medical care. It's contributing to a better recovery of the patient. It saves time, work, money, and difficulties.

Patient benefits

The Software integrates the information registered by the doctor. The professionals involved in the care. Even the patient himself can contribute data from specialized applications. Your identification, administrative data, examinations, complementary tests. Medical and surgical procedures, all in one place.

Doctors or medical centers have an Software, that provides all clinical information about patients to medical personnel. The delay in care is reduced and even medical errors. Due to incomplete information are reduced.

According to studies, it could increase its productivity by 20%. Reduce waiting times and days to consult by 60%, have savings of up to 80% in stationery. Reduce surgery times that can be up to 62 days and decrease the waste of medications. With the implementation of an Smart System. It is increasing savings by up to 38 billion pesos for the health system.

So what are you waiting for to start with an electronic clinical record?

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One of the most transformative changes that have occurred in the medical industry. Is the advent of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. It also is known as electronic health records (EHRs) System. That is improving the lives of patients and medical professionals alike. The advantages are clear. A better patient care, efficient functioning of health institutions. And the empowerment of both patients and physicians.

Let's take a moment to understand some of the benefits of Hospital Software better. And how they are improving healthcare.

Accessible Clinical Histories in Real-Time

A particular advantage of this is that patient data is available in any department at any time. Unlike paper sheets and documents. Which can only be accessed in one place at a time. Hospital Software is available to any authorized personnel in many departments and health centers. This means that test results, diagnostic images. Other relevant patient health history can be entered. And shared with the medical team in real-time, instantly.

This comprehensive view of patient data is especially advantageous. For emergency medicine, remote access by physicians to the patient's medical history. Or in complex cases requiring multiple specialties working together to deliver treatment.

Support for Patient Safety and Privacy

Industry security and privacy standards for HCEs include:

Secure database storage with backups to ensure files are never lost.

Information access controls and audit logs that track and record. Each instance of patient record access with date, time, and user ID.

Contingency planning with redundant backups to ensure the recovery of records. In the event of a localized natural disaster. Or other specific interruption of the health center.

Improvement of Safety and Patient Care

Primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, and laboratory. And imaging technicians take part in the creation of vital information data. That creates the patient's medical history. By providing the clinical team with up-to-the-minute patient data as results are sorted. Performed, and retrieved, the electronic medical record acts as the communication hub. And a repository of information that improves patient safety and care.

Doctors can grant remote access, allowing them to view patient records. And place orders while outside the health center.

Medical Efficiency and Cost Savings of Health Centers

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software can significantly reduce administrative costs and help better-coordinated care. It enable healthcare institutions to manage patient visits more efficiently. Minimizing treatment errors and allowing simplified documentation. And resulting in cost savings for hospitals and physicians.

The efficiencies provided by system enable medical staff. To do more and provide better care. It is saving time in communicating and updating patient records. As well as reducing budgets for non-medical expenses.

Overview of Medical Care Analysis

It enhance the personalization of health care. And enable health problems to be addressed proactively. And preventively. Hospital software enables healthcare institutions to better trends. And patient care outcomes in populations and regions. It is now possible to study patterns and correlations to get invaluable. Information related to diseases and medical conditions.

When taken as a whole, the data provided by Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. Can advance patient care and improve operational efficiency. for the betterment of the entire healthcare industry.

Modernization of Medical Care with Electronic Medical Records (EMR )

When used to their full potential, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. It will improve patient care, physician efficiency, and the general medical industry. Of course, there are many more advantages to system. Our Hospital Software has the experience and the ability to install. And transform any healthcare center into a powerful healthcare network. For the greater good.

Do all of this and more with your Hospital Software

Patient Management System

Bulk actions

Quickly generate bills. Update a field, merge and delete records in bulk.

Hospital Software

Role-based access

Define and manage user permission. and data access in Hospital Information System Software.

Clinic Management System

Smart Appointment

Paperless Smart Appointments book easy and quick with one click

Aesthetic Clinic Management System Software

Custom views

Filter and sort records. Save and access them whenever you want.

Suitable For Any type of Hospital/Clinic

Hospital Management System is best suitable for Hospital, Clinic, Specialists, Dentist. Dental, Skin Care, Aesthetic, General Practitioners. Any Hospital/Clinic of any size can use our Software.

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It provides all the features you will need to run your hospital/clinic. It allows you to manage all of your hospital activities. (online appoitments, patient management, opd and ipd management, tpa, accounting, online payments and much more) using hospital management tools. It is the best tool for managing hospital/clinic. Wishing to develop with confidence and efficiency.

The complete hospital management software with Integrated management. All in one Solution.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Our System is very easy to use. It is a Powerful and very Affordable Hospital Management Software. The software will be installed on your web hosting server. It is a web-based software. So you need not download any software. Just pay only one time. There are no monthly/yearly charges, and No hidden charges.

Use our Hospital Software for a lifetime. Without any renewal. And get world-class features much better than any other hospital software.

New Age Technology

If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of administration and the management of your hospital, and take part in the digital revolution. Our System meets all your needs.

It is a web and mobile-based software. That can simplify all the daily tasks that you have to face in an hospital/clinic.


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